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Dr. Karuparthy—or Dr. K to his patients—is a dedicated physician who has committed years of training to the most advanced pain control techniques available. His goal is to go beyond standard pain treatment methods by applying the T.I.P.S.® protocol, a unique blend of Eastern and Western medicine for outstanding results. Dr. K. wants to work with you on the development of a treatment plan made just for you.


Dr Aravind Bagade

Ayurveda Physician and Researcher

Dr. Aravind Bagade is our Ayurveda Physician who helps integrating the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine for pain management. He also helps in designing the Integrative medicine continuing medical education programs along with the team of IPARCOA.


Dr Vinaya T M

Ayurveda Physician, Integrative Nutrition and Yoga specialist

Dr Vinaya is our Yoga and Nutrition expert who designs Integrative Nutrition and Yoga programs for chronic pain and rejuvenation at IPARCOA.


Dr Vijay Murthy



Dr.Vijayendra Murthy is an internationally acclaimed ayurvedic physician and researcher. He is the director of Ayuwave London, UK ( and visiting academic, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton. Taking a functional medicine approach, Dr. Vijayendra helps individuals attain their best possible health potential in preventing and managing a wide range of chronic illnesses.