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Everyone of you like to live long healthy life with full of energy in daily activities. Savoring the world with all senses, grateful being conscious and awareness of spirit in every moment. However, we are all living longer unhealthy accruing the side effects of industrialized and processed foods, polluted air, water. Imagine adding to this a chronic disease, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, you are just living with no well being but ill being.


You are about to embark on a Life changing journey into Health and Wellness chasing your Fountain of Youth. You are not going on a vacation of the sort, where you come back gaining weight, and getting unhealthy. This is a rejuvenation vacation regaining your full potential of health while indulging in a lifetime experience of Luxury and adventure.


 You are going to recover, recuperate, rehabilitate, and rejuvenate (R4U) from the effects of stress, aging, chronic disease and chronic fatigue etc. Your goal is to betterment from your present status towards healthier you whatever it may be.