Founder Dr. VR Karuparthy MD

VIISA( Vedic International Institute forScience & Arts) is USA based Non-Profit organization committed to promote & educate Vedic Science & Arts in America in particular and worldwide in general along with Health and Humanitarian work. Over the years, VIISA has organized in multiple Vedic and yoga conferences, engaged in Yoga and Ayurveda  Research with publications and presentations across world medical journals and conferences (Malaria and Cancer projects)

On health and humanitarian sector, VIISA has sent medical equipment to multiple countries and sponsored housing for Low socioeconomic populations VIISA has open public membership in USA with interest in expanding worldwide. 

Ayurvedic Education, Clinical, and Research components are given equal importance. The body of Ayurvedic knowledge will be integrated into developing methodologies, protocols, and scientific synopsis under the able guidance and mentorship of Dr Ramakrishna I, who is world renowned Ayurveda Educator, Researcher and Clinician.